Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit

Electricity constitutes one of the major sources of ignition involving fire accidents and explosion in the industry. We have often read about abrupt fires and blast. There are also cases of human related issues that result into human disability. Holistic Energy audit approach helps avoid major accidents.Safety training program for engineers, and all other team members is important and prerogative.

Energy Management

Energy audit is atime based assignment and is the task of an auditor to confirm good practices. For compliance to the Energy audit, Energy monitoring is important and is a daily affair of the designated staff. Any variation or abnormality is to be viewed with serious concern.

Energy Management EnMS
ISO 50001, Energy Management systems is important as it involves all the staff irrespective of the post and designation. Active participation of all concerned is a positive contributor to the companies growth.

Vibration analysis.
One of the factors inducing equipment breakdown is improper or loose mounting or week foundation. To identify the possibility, it is important to check the rise in vibrations caused due to any possible reasons. Timely vibration analysis prevents waste of energy and loss of valuable assets. 

Water footprint, Water audit.
Water and energy are two faces of the coin.Any use of unjustified use results into loss of the other. Hence for optimised consumption of water, optimised energy use is fundamental requirement. It is this factor that draws us to water balance. Hence the Water audit. 

Fuel switching, Renewable Energy feasibility evaluation
Carbon emissions is a measure of sustainable growth. Apart from electrical energy the use of fuels is a major cause of concern as fuels emit large quantity of pollutants primarily consisting of CO2. In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, it is important to consider fuel switching which are clean fuels and are much easy to handle. In this aspect we explore all possibilities of switching to alternative fuels.

Human resources training
Every technology needs human intervention, skilled handling and operation is important to get the desired outcome.Thus it is important that every concerned team member is trained and made aware of the benefits. Training and educating the shop floor operators and supervisory staff during the process of energy efficiency and conservation is part of our energy audit assignment. 

Energy efficiency measures execution.
It is often seen that, the audit reports are ignored once the legal filings are complied. Sunshubh undertakes to execute the remedial measures discussed in the report to prove that they really are executable and achievable. However the challenge is, as energy auditors we undertake not to extend any supply services. But Sunshubh undertakes to supervise the measures when initiated either by internal resources or third party. 

PAT Monitoring and Verification Audit, PAT Consultancy, NAAC Criteria 7 compliance (Energy, Environment & Green) audit. 

Sunshubh is fully qualified to undertake statutory audit assignments. As qualified auditors, we have completed good number of PAT audits for DISCOMS.
In today’s educational system, graduating good citizens is an additional requirement under NAAC apart from educational qualification. With over 70 Plus NAAC Criteria 7 compliance audits for Medical, Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Science, Commerce and Arts degree colleges.

Green Building Commissioning, Electrical Safety Audit, Carbon Footprint Computation, Identifying Carbon Handprint opportunities
For sustainable growth of an organisation, it is important to reduce the organisations emissions. To reduce the emissions, it is important to know one’s emissions. The process of computing an organisations CARBON FOOTPRINT and identifying the CARBON HANDPRINT initiatives is what marks the sustainable growth possible.

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